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Safety & Facility Identification
Cobra Systems VnM® SignMaker's are perfect for any application requiring a permanent 1" to 8" vinyl adhesive sign, label or tag. The VnM Sign Maker is a completely mobile, stand-alone (no PC needed) industrial sign, tag and label print system. It comes with easy to use safety sign and hazard warning templates built in to make all your sign creation easier and faster than ever before.

VnM® Sign Maker's are portable and allow the user to take the print system to the point of need. Save time and money, create permanent signs and labels when and where you need them easily without a PC and also without a direct power source! (The VnM-4 SignMaker is ideal for large facility, in-the-field and on-site labeling applications where 110v power and a PC is not always available!)

No longer do you have to wait for your print shop to create a label, simply choose the right template, type what you want, and out comes your label! Creating a sign, label or marker has never been easier!

Any permanent vinyl adhesive sign, tag or label from 1"- 8" high can printed 'on-demand', using either of the Cobra VnM® SignMaker systems.

VnM-4 prints permanent signs and labels from 1" to 4" (up to 150ft in length) while the VnM-8 will print any sign, label or tag up from 4" to 8" high (up to 150ft in length).

Printable VnM® colored vinyl adhesive tape media, includes standard high quality (5yr grade), heavy duty 'engineering grade' vinyl, reflective, glow-in-the-dark, fluorescent, re-usable magnetic vinyl, and clear plastic.
We Make Industrial Printing Easy
Using Cobra Systems print solution for Safety & Facility Identification you will...

• Get your customers coming back, more often. (Some stores see 35 - 40% improvement)

• Up-sell and get better sales returns from "New" Sales.

• Improve the Corporate image of your business. (Be in front of the customer every day.)

• Improve your retail efficiency and grow your business.

• ...and so much more!