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The easiest way to find a needle in a haystack is with a Magnet.
SPACE--no matter how much we have it never seems to be enough, regardless of the type of business. Nowhere else is this more prevalent than in the Warehouse. Day in and day out, moving inventory from place to place, shipments in and shipments out... It's the cycle of success.
If you're frequently relocating inventory within your warehouse, distribution center and small or big box store, then relabeling shelves can become problematic. Removing labels, reprinting and replacing them can become a fulltime job. We have a better solution--Magnetic Vinyl Signage. Printed magnetic signs/shelf labels travel with the item to its next location. What a time and money saver!
Cobra Systems has multiple options of magnetic signage that will give you peace of mind by easily locating your valuable inventory with little effort. And our simple to use VnM SIgn and Label maker printers allow you to print your magnetic signage on-site when you need them. We also offer custom printed signs--provide us the specifications of the signs/labels needed and we will create them for you.

We offer up-to-date output media options and use premium high-quality print media materials and inks. Our magnetic media which is most often used of shelf labeling is a high-impact, premium white vinyl that holds up to 5 years of standard use, and when combined with our patented “LABEL-GUARD” overlay material, it can hold up to chemical wash downs adding longevity.

If you would like to test the viability of magnetic media for your labels or signs we can create any style of labels or signs, including text, symbols and barcodes needed in any warehouse application.

We offer white magnetic adhesive media in standard rolls from 1 inch to 8 inches wide, and 50 or 75 feet long. Magnetic signs and labels offer diverse flexibility options for your warehouse, retail store or business area. First and foremost, once you have printed a magnetic label, you might not have to reprint a new set of product location labels or signs again for a long while. Just move the label with the product, when it has to be re-located! Magnetic media is could be your perfect for shelf labeling save many dollars in time and money, while reducing or eliminating the need for reprinting.

If you want to test the viability of using magnetic media for your labels or signs, just ask your Cobra Systems representative and we can print them for you!

Remember, when using magnetic media to identify your inventory, cost is reduced, downtime is lessened, and overall efficiency can be improved.

With proven & reliable reliable sales/customer service, our vast selection of quality magnetic labels and related products, you're sure to find the solution for any project. Cobra Systems sales team is ready to exceed your expectations.

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