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Industrial Labels
Cobra's VnM SignMaker is a mobile stand-alone industrial safety sign print system with no PC or software required. It's easy to learn, easy to use and is a fully standalone system which requires no other software or PC to print! It's like the familiar office labeler that prints onto adhesive vinyl tape, but the Cobra VnM is heavy duty for industrial applications ... larger tapes, more applications!

VnM® SignMaker is the most cost-effective method for creating permanent vinyl adhesive signs for regulatory applications like safety, permanent building identification and maintenance, hazard warning labels and signs, facility labels, large barcode labels that are readable from a long distance, shelf labels, chemical drum labels, vehicle & equipment identification and much more...

VnM® SignMaker comes with an easy to use library of regulatory sign templates to make all your signs easier and faster to create. Unlike alternate sign printers, the mobile VnM SignMaker allows users to immediately create permanent vinyl adhesive signs of any almost any color, anywhere, anytime without the need of an 110v power source or a PC! (It's ideal for in-the-field maintenance identification, signs and labels ...
We Make Industrial Printing Easy
Using Cobra Systems print solution for Industrial Labels you will...

• Get your customers coming back, more often. (Some stores see 35 - 40% improvement)

• Up-sell and get better sales returns from "New" Sales.

• Improve the Corporate image of your business. (Be in front of the customer every day.)

• Improve your retail efficiency and grow your business.

• ...and so much more!