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Label Printer Ribbons
Label Printer Ribbons
Cobra Systems distributes thermal transfer printer ribbons which use the same coating technology as high-performance recording tapes. Cobra Systems special formula ribbons dissipate static, resulting in hassle-free, low maintenance to your printers and they meet FDA requirements for indirect food contact applications.

Cobra ribbons deliver highly readable text and razor-sharp bar codes. They use a coated backing which helps reduce friction to prolong print head life, eliminating static build up and reducing the effects of heat on your printer and finished label or tag.

Cobra Systems offers the Southern California's most competitive prices for label printer consumables including labels media and ALL BRANDS of thermal transfer printer ribbon.


Wax ribbons are a reliable and the cost-efficient solution for a wide range of applications.  Wax ribbons print at high speeds and deliver crisp, durable images on a variety of substrates.  These ribbons are versatile enough to print on paper stock or low-end synthetics at print speeds up to 24"/sec.


Durable quality print with excellent images on paper and low-end synthetic tags and labels; providing durable, smudge-resistant reliability.


Resin ribbons deliver durable, scratch & chemical resistant performance in your most demanding applications.

Cobra offers a special formula of Resin ribbons which can withstand extreme heat and UV exposure, and in many cases can eliminate the need for over-laminates.

WAX: ... ideal for shipping/storage labels, retail labels and tags...

WAX/RESIN: ... ideal for medical/pharmaceutical labels, poly-bags, horticulture labels & plant tags...

RESIN: ...for a non-smudge/non-smear permanent image on chemical drum labels, retail clothing Care tags...